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Welcome to DEP's Pending Approvals page on eSearch. This page will give you up-to-date information on draft permits, public notices and other preliminary approvals that are available to the public. You can search for pending approval activities by facility, county, and many other criteria.  Some of these documents are even downloadable. The "+" (plus) sign will appear in the left most column if there is a document(s) available for download. Click the "+" to see a list of documents.

If you are interested in permits or other approvals that the Department has issued, please go to the Issued Approvals page.

  • Results will show the Agency Interest ID, Agency Interest name,   municipality, county, activity type, milestone, milestone date, and document expand box "+" (plus) sign (if available).
  • Not all DEP Pending Approvals or their documents are available via this website. 
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  • To expand your search results, use fewer search fields and/or enter partial words (e.g. entering "a" in the Agency Interest Name search field will return  submittals where the name contain the letter "a", regardless of Capitalization).  
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 AI DetailsAgency Interest IDAgency NameProgramActivity TypeCity/MunicipalityCountyCurrent MilestoneMilestone Date
AI Details1606414229 SMS LLCWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstLouisvilleJeffersonAdmin Review Completed2/12/2019
AI Details96646Airgas Merchant Gases Carrollton PlantWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalCarrolltonCarrollPublic Notice #1 Issued1/25/2019
AI Details160601Alderbrook SubdivisionWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstIndependenceKentonReview in Progress2/15/2019
AI Details160648Allen Company Spoil AreaWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstNicholasvilleJessamineAdmin Review Completed2/12/2019
AI Details1946American Synthetic Rubber CompanyWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalLouisvilleJeffersonPublic Notice #1 Issued2/12/2019
AI Details447BCSD Hillview Plant 3WastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalHillview (Bullitt)BullittPublic Notice #1 Issued2/5/2019
AI Details120147Big Sandy Land Co LLC (864-0226)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningLouisaLawrenceTechnical NOD #1 Issued1/30/2019
AI Details160688Bob Amos Event CenterWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstPikevillePikeAdmin Review Completed2/14/2019
AI Details1997Citgo Petroleum CorpWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalLouisvilleJeffersonPublic Notice #1 Issued2/5/2019
AI Details1380Coolbrook Subd WWTPWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalFrankfortFranklinPublic Notice #1 Issued2/11/2019
AI Details1475Country Living WWTPWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalShermanGrantPublic Notice #1 Issued2/12/2019
AI Details108328D & J Coal Co LLC (858-0236)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningChandlervilleJohnsonTechnical Reviewer Assigned1/23/2019
AI Details96918Dayton FreightWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstBowling GreenWarrenAdmin Review Completed2/12/2019
AI Details1713Doss Fuelco Bulk PlantWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalRosspointHarlanPublic Notice #1 Issued1/25/2019
AI Details15674Dozit LandfillWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalMorganfieldUnionPublic Notice #1 Issued2/8/2019
AI Details43472Floyd Co LandfillWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalMartinFloydPublic Notice #2 Issued2/5/2019
AI Details3165Gamaliel WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalGamalielMonroePublic Notice #1 Issued2/8/2019
AI Details117935Grand Rivers WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalGrand RiversLivingstonPublic Notice #1 Issued2/5/2019
AI Details767Hopkinsville LandfillWastewaterKPDES Industrial-Mjr ModHopkinsvilleChristianPublic Notice #1 Issued2/11/2019
AI Details160650J &R Contracting LLCWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstWoodburnWarrenAdmin Review Completed2/12/2019
AI Details3673Kelloggs - Pikeville PlantWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalKimperPikeDecision Pending2/14/2019
AI Details160690Kirkman TerraceWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstHopkinsvilleChristianAdmin Review Completed2/14/2019
AI Details121240Kopper Glo Mining LLC (918-0499)WastewaterKPDES Coal IP - Mjr ModFrakesBellPublic Notice #1 Issued2/8/2019
AI Details704KY Utilities Co - Ghent Generation StationWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalGhentCarrollPublic Notice #1 Issued2/1/2019
AI Details160412Labco LLC (898-1038)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningElkhorn CityPikeReview in Progress2/14/2019
AI Details3720Lexington Coal Co LLC - Big Creek Processing Plant (Multiple)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningHatfieldPikeAdmin Review Completed2/13/2019
AI Details125985Lexington Coal Co LLC (Consolidated)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningPilgrimMartinTechnical Reviewer Assigned1/22/2019
AI Details2932Marshall Co Sanitation District 2 WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalDraffenvilleMarshallPublic Notice #1 Issued1/25/2019
AI Details2479MPLX Terminals LLC - Covington TerminalWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalCovingtonKentonPublic Notice #1 Issued2/5/2019
AI Details120481Muddy Creek WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalRichmondMadisonPublic Notice #1 Issued2/13/2019
AI Details160411Nally & Hamilton Enterprises Inc (807-0467)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningCalvinBellTechnical Reviewer Assigned1/23/2019
AI Details2449Northern KY Sanitation District 1 Dry Creek WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalErlangerKentonPublic Notice #1 Issued1/29/2019
AI Details11383Pilot Travel Center 231WastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalCorbin (Laurel)LaurelPublic Notice #1 Issued2/13/2019
AI Details1619Precoat MetalsWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalHawesvilleHancockPublic Notice #2 Issued2/12/2019
AI Details112436Ralph Wayne Adams Hog FarmWastewaterKNDOP Agriculture NewHickmanFultonPublic Notice #1 Issued2/5/2019
AI Details127776Revelation Energy LLC (880-0261)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningPilgrimMartinPublic Notice #1 Issued2/12/2019
AI Details5131Seay Oil Co Inc HickmanWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalHickmanFultonPublic Notice #1 Issued2/8/2019
AI Details135779Spurlock Mining LLC (Consolidated)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningKryptonPerryTechnical Reviewer Assigned1/22/2019
AI Details135601Summit Creek SubdWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstElizabethtownHardinPhase 2 Admin Review Completed2/14/2019
AI Details38483Taubensee Steel & Wire CoWastewaterKPDES Industrial-NewHendersonHendersonPublic Notice #1 Issued2/12/2019
AI Details135033The Enclave at Douglass HillsWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstLouisvilleJeffersonAdmin Review Completed2/11/2019
AI Details881The Glenmore DistilleryWastewaterKPDES Industrial-Mjr ModOwensboroDaviessPublic Notice #1 Issued2/12/2019
AI Details160646The MetWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstLexingtonFayetteTechnical NOD #1 Issued2/15/2019
AI Details3981Triple M Land Farm IncWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalFranklinSimpsonPublic Notice #1 Issued2/8/2019
AI Details44334Tug Valley Sewer Authority WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalWarfieldMartinPublic Notice #1 Issued1/25/2019
AI Details2242United Parcel Service (UPS) Worldport - Plant EngineeringWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalLouisvilleJeffersonPublic Notice #1 Issued1/25/2019
AI Details116910Wepfer MarineWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalCalvert CityMarshallPublic Notice #1 Issued2/1/2019
AI Details160644Wildcat Recycling LLCWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstCamargoMontgomeryTechnical Review Completed2/15/2019
AI Details478Willabrooke Sanitation IncWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalShepherdsvilleBullittPublic Notice #1 Issued2/5/2019