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Welcome to DEP's Pending Approvals page on eSearch. This page will give you up-to-date information on draft permits, public notices and other preliminary approvals that are available to the public. You can search for pending approval activities by facility, county, and many other criteria.  Some of these documents are even downloadable. The "+" (plus) sign will appear in the left most column if there is a document(s) available for download. Click the "+" to see a list of documents.

If you are interested in permits or other approvals that the Department has issued, please go to the Issued Approvals page.

  • Results will show the Agency Interest ID, Agency Interest name,   municipality, county, activity type, milestone, milestone date, and document expand box "+" (plus) sign (if available).
  • Not all DEP Pending Approvals or their documents are available via this website. 
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 AI DetailsAgency Interest IDAgency NameProgramActivity TypeCity/MunicipalityCountyCurrent MilestoneMilestone Date
AI Details117364Alden Resources LLC (861-0529)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningGrayKnoxAdmin Review Completed10/17/2019
AI Details112480Alden Resources LLC (918-0413)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningNevisdaleWhitleyAdmin Review Completed10/17/2019
AI Details45539Anderson Co High School AnnexWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstLawrenceburgAndersonTechnical NOD #1 Issued10/3/2019
AI Details49441Apex IIWastewaterKPDES Industrial-NewBowling GreenWarrenPublic Notice #1 Issued10/18/2019
AI Details1950Atkemix Ten IncWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalLouisvilleJeffersonPublic Notice #1 Issued10/17/2019
AI Details163633AY Evans Farm PropertyWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstBarbourvilleKnoxTechnical NOD #1 Issued10/3/2019
AI Details58515Caney Happy MartWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-NewPikevillePikePublic Notice #1 Issued10/10/2019
AI Details67850City of MayfieldWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstMayfieldGravesAdmin Review Completed10/17/2019
AI Details2530Cordia SchoolWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalHazardKnottPublic Notice #1 Issued10/15/2019
AI Details1873Don Bowles Corp - St Charles Prep Plant (854-8011)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningSaint CharlesHopkinsTechnical Reviewer Assigned10/2/2019
AI Details163719Engle Rd Bridge - Harlan CoWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstHarlanHarlanTechnical NOD #1 Issued10/10/2019
AI Details559First Assembly of God ChurchWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalAlexandria (Campbell)CampbellPublic Notice #1 Issued10/9/2019
AI Details751Fort Campbell Military ReservationWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstFort CampbellChristianAdmin Review Completed10/17/2019
AI Details3133Frenchburg WWTPWastewaterAsset Inventory ReportFrenchburgMenifeeAssessment Document Sent to Website10/4/2019
AI Details131561Hartshorne Mining LLC (Consolidated)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningRumseyMcLeanTechnical Reviewer Assigned10/10/2019
AI Details114798Hartshorne Mining LLC (Multiple)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningRumseyMcLeanTechnical Reviewer Assigned10/16/2019
AI Details4037Heather Hills Campground IncWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalCadizTriggPublic Notice #1 Issued10/8/2019
AI Details10969Jackson WWS IncWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalBarbourvilleKnoxPublic Notice #1 Issued10/17/2019
AI Details121556Jamieson Construction Co (807-0427)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningMiracle (Bell)BellTechnical Reviewer Assigned10/10/2019
AI Details130Jones Oil Co IncWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalPinevilleBellPublic Notice #1 Issued10/2/2019
AI Details123655Ken Bar LodgeWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalGilbertsvilleMarshallPublic Notice #1 Issued10/17/2019
AI Details121240Kopper Glo Mining LLC (918-0499)WastewaterKPDES Coal IP - Mjr ModFrakesBellPublic Notice #1 Issued10/16/2019
AI Details163851KY 1150 Bridge over Leatherwood CreekWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstDelphiaPerryAdmin Review Completed10/17/2019
AI Details163851KY 1150 Bridge over Leatherwood CreekWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstDelphiaPerryAdmin Review Completed10/17/2019
AI Details163860KY 1166 over Maces Creek MM 4.28WastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstViperPerryAdmin Review Completed10/17/2019
AI Details2097KY Air National GuardWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalLouisvilleJeffersonPublic Notice #1 Issued10/8/2019
AI Details163802Lakeshore LearningWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstMidway (Woodford)WoodfordTechnical NOD #1 Issued10/17/2019
AI Details50287Lakewood SubdWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstMadisonvilleHopkinsAdmin Review Completed10/17/2019
AI Details129095LKLP Transit CenterWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstHindmanKnottAdmin Review Completed10/17/2019
AI Details6839Louisville Gas & Electric (LG&E) Pipeline - Jefferson CoWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstStatewideNot Yet DeterminedTechnical NOD #1 Issued10/17/2019
AI Details2130Louisville Zoological GardensWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalLouisvilleJeffersonPublic Notice #1 Issued9/30/2019
AI Details83616Mid America Fuels IncWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalLedbetterLivingstonPublic Notice #1 Issued10/8/2019
AI Details101915Nally & Hamilton Enterprises Inc (848-0256)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningEvartsHarlanAdmin Review Completed10/18/2019
AI Details160071Nally & Hamilton Enterprises Inc (848-0368)WastewaterKPDES Coal IP - NewCawoodHarlanPublic Notice #1 Issued10/2/2019
AI Details113220Nally & Hamilton Enterprises Inc (866-0373)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen’l Surf Mng ModHoskinstonLeslieTechnical NOD #1 Issued10/17/2019
AI Details124573Nally & Hamilton Enterprises Inc (Consolidated)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningHeltonLeslieReview in Progress10/18/2019
AI Details531Patrick Dewenter PropertyWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalMelbourneCampbellDecision Pending10/18/2019
AI Details44985Payneville Elementary SchoolWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstPaynevilleMeadeReview in Progress10/18/2019
AI Details83398Pennyrile Energy LLC (875-5008)WastewaterKPDES Coal IP - RenewalDelawareMcLeanDecision Pending10/17/2019
AI Details163858Pro Land Reality LLC PropertyWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstTrentonToddAdmin Review Completed10/17/2019
AI Details163763Remcoal Inc (861-0556)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningBarbourvilleKnoxPublic Notice #1 Issued10/16/2019
AI Details163647Renaissance ApartmentsWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstFranklinSimpsonTechnical NOD #1 Issued10/7/2019
AI Details3860Roundstone Elementary SchoolWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalMount Vernon (Rockcastle)RockcastlePublic Notice #1 Issued9/25/2019
AI Details2768Russellville WWTPWastewaterAsset Inventory ReportRussellvilleLoganAssessment Document Sent to Website10/4/2019
AI Details1638South Hancock Elementary SchoolWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalHawesvilleHancockPublic Notice #1 Issued10/4/2019
AI Details127748Stockyard PropertiesWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstBowling GreenWarrenReview in Progress10/18/2019
AI Details161467The Freedom House South East KY (FH-SEKY)WastewaterKPDES Sanitary-NewManchesterClayPublic Notice #1 Issued10/4/2019
AI Details3070Timberland SubdWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalHeathMcCrackenDecision Pending10/18/2019
AI Details59005Travis Oil & Ready MixWastewaterKPDES Industrial-NewTompkinsvilleMonroePublic Notice #1 Issued9/24/2019
AI Details560Twin Bridges Golf ClubWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalCaliforniaCampbellPublic Notice #1 Issued9/25/2019
AI Details163636Vita NovaWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstBowling GreenWarrenTechnical NOD #1 Issued10/3/2019
AI Details35761Wayland WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalWaylandFloydPublic Notice #1 Issued10/7/2019
AI Details973West Daviess Co LandfillWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalOwensboroDaviessPublic Notice #1 Issued9/24/2019
AI Details3211Woodsbend Boys CampWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalWest LibertyMorganPublic Notice #1 Issued9/24/2019