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Welcome to DEP's Pending Approvals page on eSearch. This page will give you up-to-date information on draft permits, public notices and other preliminary approvals that are available to the public. You can search for pending approval activities by facility, county, and many other criteria.  Some of these documents are even downloadable. The "+" (plus) sign will appear in the left most column if there is a document(s) available for download. Click the "+" to see a list of documents.

If you are interested in permits or other approvals that the Department has issued, please go to the Issued Approvals page.

  • Results will show the Agency Interest ID, Agency Interest name,   municipality, county, activity type, milestone, milestone date, and document expand box "+" (plus) sign (if available).
  • Not all DEP Pending Approvals or their documents are available via this website. 
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 AI DetailsAgency Interest IDAgency NameProgramActivity TypeCity/MunicipalityCountyCurrent MilestoneMilestone Date
AI Details135552A L Johnson Distributors LLCWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalFranklinSimpsonPublic Notice #1 Issued2/20/2018
AI Details3916Aichi Forge USA IncWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalGeorgetown (Scott)ScottPublic Notice #1 Issued3/16/2018
AI Details2747Auburn WWTPWastewaterFONSI (SPEAR)AuburnLoganAssessment Document Sent to Website3/9/2018
AI Details102541Bluegrass Business ParkWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstLexingtonFayetteAdmin Review Completed3/16/2018
AI Details98994BoonUS LLCWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstBurlingtonBooneTechnical NOD #1 Issued3/16/2018
AI Details286Bourbon OilWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalParisBourbonPublic Notice #1 Issued3/9/2018
AI Details441Brooks Mobile Home & RV Park LLCWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalBrooksBullittPublic Notice #1 Issued3/12/2018
AI Details2928Carbide Industries LLCWastewaterKPDES Industrial-Mjr ModCalvert CityMarshallPublic Notice #1 Issued3/21/2018
AI Details135968Carrollton Splash ParkWastewaterKPDES Industrial-NewCarrolltonCarrollPublic Notice #1 Issued2/27/2018
AI Details33403Central KY LandfillWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalGeorgetown (Scott)ScottPublic Notice #2 Issued3/8/2018
AI Details164Charles H Kelly Elementary SchoolWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalBelleviewBoonePublic Notice #1 Issued2/27/2018
AI Details3143Corning IncWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalHarrodsburgMercerPublic Notice #1 Issued2/26/2018
AI Details49237Country Club EstatesWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstLebanonMarionAdmin Review Completed3/16/2018
AI Details1478Countryside Estates Inc MHPWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalShermanGrantPublic Notice #1 Issued2/26/2018
AI Details1512CTNA Manufacturing LLPWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalMayfieldGravesPublic Notice #1 Issued3/13/2018
AI Details58329Cumberland Lake Shell Bulk PlantWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalSomersetPulaskiPublic Notice #1 Issued2/26/2018
AI Details2671Cumberland River Coal LLC (Multiple)WastewaterKPDES Coal IP - RenewalEoliaLetcherPublic Notice #1 Issued3/13/2018
AI Details108328D & J Coal Co LLC (858-0236)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningChandlervilleJohnsonTechnical NOD #1 Issued3/8/2018
AI Details67822Devou Garage WastewaterKPDES Sanitary-NewCovingtonKentonPublic Notice #1 Issued3/9/2018
AI Details703Dow Silicones CorpWastewaterKPDES Industrial-Mjr ModCarrolltonCarrollPublic Notice #2 Issued3/7/2018
AI Details3437Dwarf Church of GodWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalDwarfPerryPublic Notice #1 Issued2/27/2018
AI Details3808East KY Power Cooper StationWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalSomersetPulaskiPublic Notice #2 Issued3/2/2018
AI Details3402East Pendleton Water DistrictWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalFalmouthPendletonPublic Notice #1 Issued3/9/2018
AI Details1661Elizabethtown Valley Creek WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalElizabethtownHardinPublic Notice #1 Issued2/20/2018
AI Details1242EQT Gathering LLC PipelineWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalStatewideNot Yet DeterminedPublic Notice #1 Issued2/21/2018
AI Details2003Frontier Logistical Services LLCWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalLouisvilleJeffersonPublic Notice #1 Issued3/15/2018
AI Details2051General Shale Brick Inc Plant 38WastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalFairdaleJeffersonPublic Notice #1 Issued3/1/2018
AI Details572Grants Lick MarketWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalAlexandria (Campbell)CampbellPublic Notice #1 Issued3/16/2018
AI Details4472Gunpowder Trails SubdWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstBurlingtonBooneAdmin Review Completed3/16/2018
AI Details1725Harlan WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalLoyallHarlanPublic Notice #2 Issued2/21/2018
AI Details1806Henderson City Co Airport BoardWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstHendersonHendersonAdmin Review Completed3/16/2018
AI Details445Hillview Sewer System Plant 1WastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalHillview (Bullitt)BullittPublic Notice #1 Issued2/27/2018
AI Details136035Holiday Inn ExpressWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstVersaillesWoodfordAdmin Review Completed3/21/2018
AI Details105176ICG Hazard LLC (897-0583)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningStacyPerryAdmin Review Completed3/20/2018
AI Details4852KY 1159 - Bracken CoWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstBrooksvilleBrackenTechnical Review Completed3/21/2018
AI Details136130KY 359 - Union CoWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstMorganfieldUnionTechnical NOD #1 Issued3/21/2018
AI Details56La Center WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalLa CenterBallardPublic Notice #1 Issued3/1/2018
AI Details159Lykins BP Bulk Plant #0642WastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalFlorenceBoonePublic Notice #1 Issued4/12/2018
AI Details1893Madisonville Westside WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalMadisonvilleHopkinsPublic Notice #1 Issued2/20/2018
AI Details869Marion Water DeptWastewaterKPDES Industrial-NewMarionCrittendenFinal Decision Pending3/14/2018
AI Details2952Marshall Co Sanitation District 1 WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalAuroraMarshallPublic Notice #1 Issued3/1/2018
AI Details2618Martha Gas PlantWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalMarthaLawrencePublic Notice #1 Issued3/15/2018
AI Details57367Max Arnold & Sons IncWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalHopkinsvilleChristianPublic Notice #1 Issued3/2/2018
AI Details111613Max Arnold & Sons LLC PropertyWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalGreenvilleMuhlenbergPublic Notice #1 Issued3/2/2018
AI Details3013Maysville-Mason Co LandfillWastewaterKPDES Industrial-Mjr ModMaysvilleMasonPublic Notice #2 Issued3/6/2018
AI Details3352Mockingbird Valley Sanitation IncWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalLa GrangeOldhamPublic Notice #1 Issued3/15/2018
AI Details130295Monroe Co Water District WTPWastewaterKPDES Industrial-NewTompkinsvilleMonroePublic Notice #1 Issued3/8/2018
AI Details2908Montebello Packaging IncWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen'l OtherLebanonMarionAdmin Review Completed3/21/2018
AI Details487Morgantown WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalMorgantownButlerPublic Notice #1 Issued3/1/2018
AI Details2352Mountain Comp Care CenterWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalHagerhillJohnsonPublic Notice #1 Issued3/9/2018
AI Details44338Mountain Water District Pond Creek WWTPWastewaterFONSI (SPEAR)BelfryPikeDecision Pending2/23/2018
AI Details104299Nelson Brothers LLC - Allen ShopWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalAllenFloydPublic Notice #1 Issued3/19/2018
AI Details297North Middletown WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalNorth MiddletownBourbonDecision Pending3/20/2018
AI Details1767Northside Mobile HomesWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalCynthianaHarrisonPublic Notice #1 Issued3/9/2018
AI Details3361Oldham Woods SubdWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalLa GrangeOldhamPublic Notice #1 Issued2/20/2018
AI Details2344Paintsville Wood Products IncWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalPaintsvilleJohnsonPublic Notice #1 Issued2/21/2018
AI Details299Paris WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalParisBourbonPublic Notice #2 Issued2/21/2018
AI Details136181Peerless WarehousesWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstCampbellsburgHenryAdmin Review Completed3/21/2018
AI Details83398Pennyrile Energy LLC (875-5008)WastewaterKPDES Coal IP - Mjr ModDelawareMcLeanPublic Notice #2 Issued3/2/2018
AI Details127467Pine Branch Mining LLC (Consolidated)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningKryptonPerryPublic Notice #1 Issued3/6/2018
AI Details136180Pink LilyWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstBowling GreenWarrenAdmin Review Completed3/21/2018
AI Details118058Prime Energy LLC (898-4465 & 898-4475)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningCanadaPikeTechnical Reviewer Assigned3/20/2018
AI Details3957Purnells Sausage Co IncWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalSimpsonvilleShelbyPublic Notice #1 Issued2/26/2018
AI Details4059Republic Services Of KY - Valley View LandfillWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalSulphurTrimblePublic Notice #1 Issued2/21/2018
AI Details125642Revelation Energy LLC (Consolidated)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningMoreeMartinTechnical Review Completed3/20/2018
AI Details134240Rising Star Ferry LandingWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstRabbit HashBooneAdmin Review Completed3/21/2018
AI Details238Rivershore Farms SubdWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalHebronBoonePublic Notice #1 Issued2/26/2018
AI Details632Sandtrap Bar & LoungeWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalAlexandria (Campbell)CampbellPublic Notice #1 Issued3/8/2018
AI Details634Schafer-Mudd-Steffen ResidencesWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalAlexandria (Campbell)CampbellPublic Notice #1 Issued3/2/2018
AI Details98312Shelby County Public SchoolWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstShelbyvilleShelbyReview in Progress3/21/2018
AI Details4157Springfield WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalSpringfieldWashingtonDecision Document Drafted1/20/2018
AI Details1417Stewart Home SchoolWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalFrankfortFranklinDecision Pending3/21/2018
AI Details136174Temporary Batch Plant - Hall ContractingWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstCroftonChristianAdmin Review Completed3/21/2018
AI Details3073Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) - Shawnee Fossil PlantWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalWest PaducahMcCrackenPhase 2 Admin Review Completed2/7/2018
AI Details127741US 62 - Harrison CountyWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstCynthianaHarrisonTechnical NOD #1 Issued3/21/2018
AI Details129101US 62 - McCracken CoWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstPaducahMcCrackenTechnical NOD #1 Issued3/21/2018
AI Details253US BankWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalVeronaBoonePublic Notice #1 Issued2/21/2018
AI Details2246USCOE Louisville Repair StationWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalLouisvilleJeffersonPublic Notice #1 Issued3/6/2018
AI Details520Vanderbilt Chemicals LLCWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalMurrayCallowayPublic Notice #1 Issued2/21/2018
AI Details2257Waste Management of KY LLCWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalLouisvilleJeffersonFinal Decision Pending3/2/2018
AI Details1915West Hopkins Accelerated SchoolWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalNebo (Hopkins)HopkinsPublic Notice #1 Issued3/8/2018
AI Details82686Western KY Minerals Inc (830-0092)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningPhilpotDaviessAdmin Review Completed3/21/2018