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Welcome to DEP's Pending Approvals page on eSearch. This page will give you up-to-date information on draft permits, public notices and other preliminary approvals that are available to the public. You can search for pending approval activities by facility, county, and many other criteria.  Some of these documents are even downloadable. The "+" (plus) sign will appear in the left most column if there is a document(s) available for download. Click the "+" to see a list of documents.

If you are interested in permits or other approvals that the Department has issued, please go to the Issued Approvals page.

  • Results will show the Agency Interest ID, Agency Interest name,   municipality, county, activity type, milestone, milestone date, and document expand box "+" (plus) sign (if available).
  • Not all DEP Pending Approvals or their documents are available via this website. 
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 AI DetailsAgency Interest IDAgency NameProgramActivity TypeCity/MunicipalityCountyCurrent MilestoneMilestone Date
AI Details2745Adairville WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalAdairvilleLoganPublic Notice #2 Issued7/18/2018
AI Details1075ATS Asphalt Terminal LLCWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalLexingtonFayettePublic Notice #1 Issued6/25/2018
AI Details99503Beech Creek Coal Co LLC (898-0775)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningPhelpsPikeTechnical Reviewer Assigned7/20/2018
AI Details2923Big Bear Wastewater IncWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalBentonMarshallDecision Pending7/19/2018
AI Details3319Big Rivers Electric Corp - Wilson StationWastewaterKPDES Industrial-Mjr ModCentertownOhioPublic Notice #1 Issued7/3/2018
AI Details2698Bulk Plant Inc Vanceburg No 58WastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalVanceburgLewisDecision Pending7/18/2018
AI Details1080Bulk Plants Inc LexingtonWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalLexingtonFayettePublic Notice #1 Issued7/5/2018
AI Details137172CattlemensWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstLa GrangeOldhamAdmin Review Completed7/17/2018
AI Details137170Central Bank UnionWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstUnionBooneAdmin Review Completed7/17/2018
AI Details57717Coca Cola Bottling CoWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalOaklandWarrenPublic Notice #1 Issued7/16/2018
AI Details137181Corinth Sunoco StoreWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstCorinth (Grant)GrantAdmin Review Completed7/18/2018
AI Details98416Covol Fuels No 2 LLCWastewaterKPDES Coal IP - RenewalGreenvilleMuhlenbergPublic Notice #1 Issued6/29/2018
AI Details892Custom Fabrication & ErectionWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalPhilpotDaviessDecision Pending7/20/2018
AI Details3241Dyno Nobel IncWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalGrahamMuhlenbergPublic Notice #1 Issued6/28/2018
AI Details1560Edmonson Co Water District - Wax PlantWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalClarksonGraysonPublic Notice #1 Issued7/16/2018
AI Details183Flying J Travel Plaza #664WastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalWaltonBooneDecision Pending7/17/2018
AI Details1487Grantland Estates SubdWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalShermanGrantPublic Notice #1 Issued6/25/2018
AI Details137151Greenville State Office BuildingWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstGreenvilleMuhlenbergReview in Progress7/16/2018
AI Details137190Hamburg Pavilion - TShops DevelopmentWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstLexingtonFayetteAdmin Review Completed7/19/2018
AI Details1813Henderson North WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalHendersonHendersonPublic Notice #1 Issued7/9/2018
AI Details2464Hickory Grove Baptist ChurchWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalIndependenceKentonDecision Pending7/19/2018
AI Details14288High Ridge Mining LLC (898-4486)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningPhyllisPikeReview in Progress7/17/2018
AI Details12703Hopkins Co Coal LLC (854-0215)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningMadisonvilleHopkinsTechnical Reviewer Assigned7/13/2018
AI Details3910International CrankshaftWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstGeorgetown (Scott)ScottAdmin Review Completed7/18/2018
AI Details85360JMEG Mine LLC (898-0960)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningPikevillePikeTechnical NOD #1 Issued7/18/2018
AI Details136975JRL Coal Inc (Consolidated)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningCawoodHarlanTechnical NOD #1 Issued7/9/2018
AI Details109081Kopper Glo Mining LLC (918-0496)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningFrakesBellTechnical NOD #1 Issued7/9/2018
AI Details123196KY 348 - Marshall CoWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstBentonMarshallAdmin Review Completed7/19/2018
AI Details113528KY 98 Brownsford Rd - Allen CoWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstScottsvilleAllenTechnical NOD #1 Issued7/19/2018
AI Details3948KY Correctional Institute For WomenWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalPewee ValleyShelbyPublic Notice #1 Issued7/5/2018
AI Details3228KY Utilities Co - Green River StationWastewaterKPDES Industrial-RenewalCentral CityMuhlenbergPublic Notice #1 Issued7/3/2018
AI Details137179LBX Customer Experience CenterWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstLexingtonFayetteAdmin Review Completed7/18/2018
AI Details1570Leitchfield WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalLeitchfieldGraysonPublic Notice #1 Issued7/16/2018
AI Details1073Lexington Town Branch WWTPWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstLexingtonFayetteAdmin Review Completed7/19/2018
AI Details98786LFUCG Detention BasinWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstLexingtonFayetteTechnical Review Completed7/19/2018
AI Details844Manchester WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalManchesterClayPublic Notice #1 Issued6/29/2018
AI Details136986Manor Creek Conservation SubdivisionWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstLouisvilleJeffersonAdmin Review Completed7/17/2018
AI Details136791Marshall Co Public LibraryWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstBentonMarshallAdmin Review Completed7/17/2018
AI Details136977MC Mining LLC (898-4614)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningVarneyPikePhase 2 Admin Review Completed7/17/2018
AI Details137189McDonaldsWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstPaducahMcCrackenReview in Progress7/20/2018
AI Details135814Midwest Metals CorpWastewaterKPDES Industrial-NewLexingtonFayettePublic Notice #1 Issued7/16/2018
AI Details4074Morganfield WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalMorganfieldUnionPublic Notice #2 Issued7/5/2018
AI Details3330Ohio River WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalGoshenOldhamPublic Notice #1 Issued7/3/2018
AI Details83398Pennyrile Energy LLC (875-5008)WastewaterKPDES Coal IP - Mjr ModDelawareMcLeanPublic Notice Issued6/28/2018
AI Details3955Persimmon Ridge SubdWastewaterKPDES Sanitary-RenewalLouisvilleShelbyPublic Notice #2 Issued6/26/2018
AI Details3796Red River WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalStantonPowellPublic Notice #1 Issued7/16/2018
AI Details48326Saint Elizabeth Medical Center - EdgewoodWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstEdgewood (Kenton)KentonTechnical Review Completed7/18/2018
AI Details12807Sidney Coal Co Inc - Turkey Creek (898-5579)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningTurkey CreekPikeTechnical Reviewer Assigned7/17/2018
AI Details78521Silo Farms SubdWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstTaylorsvilleSpencerAdmin Review Completed7/17/2018
AI Details3835Somerset WWTP - Pitman CreekWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalSomersetPulaskiPublic Notice #1 Issued7/16/2018
AI Details4157Springfield WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalSpringfieldWashingtonPublic Notice #1 Issued7/18/2018
AI Details8815University of Louisville - Belknap CampusWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstLouisvilleJeffersonReview in Progress7/16/2018
AI Details34833US 119 - Letcher CoWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstWhitesburgLetcherPhase 2 Admin Review Completed7/18/2019
AI Details134907US 62 - Marshall CoWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstCalvert CityMarshallAdmin Review Completed7/19/2018
AI Details60200Valero Convenience StoreWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstHodgenvilleLaruePhase 2 Admin Review Completed7/18/2018
AI Details60200Valero Convenience StoreWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstHodgenvilleLarueAdmin Review Completed7/17/2018
AI Details4246Versailles WWTPWastewaterKPDES Municipal-RenewalVersaillesWoodfordPublic Notice #1 Issued6/26/2018
AI Details131001Veterans Way - Boone CoWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstBurlingtonBooneAdmin Review Completed7/18/2018
AI Details133885Wellmore Coal Co (898-1000)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningSteelePikeTechnical Reviewer Assigned7/13/2018
AI Details108475Wellmore Coal Corp (898-9145)WastewaterKPDES Ind Gen'l Surface MiningPaw PawPikeTechnical Reviewer Assigned7/2/2018
AI Details117448Worldwide TechnologiesWastewaterKPDES Ind Storm Gen ConstFranklinSimpsonAdmin Review Completed7/18/2018