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Unsubmitted Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR) Search

Welcome to DEP’s Unsubmitted Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR) Search.  This page will give you up-to-date information on Permits that are required to submit a DMR, but the DMR was not submitted during the reporting period. Please note that the results are associated with the Permitted Feature ID noted on the DMR (typically the ID of the Outfall or Instream Monitoring Point).


  • Results will show the Agency Interest ID,Facility Name, Permit ID/KPDES ID, Permitted Feature Id, Monitoring Period State Date, Monitoring Period End Date, DMR Due Date, County, Regional Office, Permit Status, Permit Expiration Date, and Major/Minor.
  • You may use 1 or more of these fields to limit your search.  We recommend searching by Permit ID/KPDES ID.
  • Capitalization does not matter and no wildcards are needed for partial text searches.
  • Agency Interest ID is a numeric field.
  • A maximum of 4000 activities will be returned.

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