KY Department for Environmental Protection

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The Kentucky DEP is committed to providing public access to environmental information. Our agency believes that keeping citizens informed enhances achievement of our goal of environmental protection.

The Cabinet's continuing investment in information technology facilitates its mission of environmental stewardship. Search Online provides a comprehensive view of DEP's regulated community (agency interests) and their activities, by allowing the public access to information about permitting and compliance activities within the scope of DEP.

Search Agency Interest Data
  • Agency Interest Search -- Search agency interests by agency interest name, city, and county.
  • Issued Approvals Search -- Search issued approvals by agency interest id, agency interest name, city,  county, type, program, and approvals issued in the last # of days.
  • Pending Approvals Search -- Search pending approvals by agency interest id, agency interest name, city,  county, type, program, # of days.
  • Permitting Activity Search -- Find recently issued permit and coverage information or recently received permit & coverage applications. Filter by city, county, program, and activity.
  • Licensee Search -- Search licensed persons by agency interest ID, license ID, or licensee name.
  • Invoice Search -- Search outstanding invoices by billing party, city, or DEP Program.  This feature includes an on-line shopping cart feature to pay for outstanding invoices. 
  • Unsubmitted Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR) Search -- Search KPDES Permits that have not submitted a DMR for a reporting period. Search by Agency Interest, Facility Name, KPDES ID, County
  • Active Coal GP Monitoring Requirements Search -- Search Active Coal GP Monitoring Permitted Features associated with the KYGE40000 and KYGW40000 General Permit Coverages to find their requirement list. Search by Agency Interest, Agency Interest Name, or Permit ID. 

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